Friday, October 8, 2010


So last night no one was home sisters are taking a night class together my mom was at my other sisters house and boyfriend was working late so I decided to try to do one of my youtube gurus MissChievous witch make up for Halloween tutorial look even though i didn't have the rhinestones like her =[ but Im going to go get some soon Ive never work with rhinestones before and I wana try...Anyways so here's several pictures of what i tried to do...I need a lot of practice still but hey it doesnt hurt to try right ? let me know what you guys think =]

Too Faced Primed & Poreless

Okay let me tell you how I found this magic powder stuff!!! I went into Sephora one day after work with my mind set on only get one thing and one thing only (because i have a problem at Sephora and I want to buy EVERYTHING I see!!!!)  but noooo  I started talking to one of the girls that works there and only because I loved her hair color and I wanted to ask her where did she get it. Anyway our conversation led up to me telling her that I hate hate  hate when I wear foundation and my face feels sticky and gross like, so she sent this my direction. She made me dip my finger in the powder and rub it on top of my hand and man it felt like silky-ness heaven I had never felt something so soft and silky EVER!!! I remember telling her this is really going to make my skin like this!!! and not sticky!!!! and she added it helps with oil threw out the day and it sets make up to make it last longer and not having to apply more threw out the and feel all caky and sticky and poreless I told her IM SOLD GIVE ME 10 NOW!!!...okay I didn't tell her that pfff I wish I could afford 10 but one will do for now she also mentioned a little goes a very long way.

The following day we had this family gathering thing and my older sister has really oily and red skin so I decided to try it out on her and put it to the real test. After I finished putting concealing and foundation on her face I put a little bit in the top swirled my brush in it and tap the extra off and applied it to her face to set everything and it made her look poreless silky and beautiful!!... Well lets just say she danced she drank she etc that night and at the end of the night I called her into my room  to see how everything held up and it looked like I had just done her make up it was unbelievable!!!!! Usually her make up would be wiped off on a napkin by the middle of the night from her blotting so much but NO it was still all on her face and perfect not oily whats so ever!!! I also tried it by its self and it works wonders for those days you really don't feel like doing the whole foundation and concealing thing in the morning before work and who doesn't have those days??? and if you don't you just too perfect for me barf!

I really recommend this powder veil setting thing it is magic powder if you have any type of skin it works for every type to oily skin to combination skin to dry ( with dry skin just make sure you moisturize you skin enough)... Its at every Sephora store near you for $28...