Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ruby Makeup Academy

Just took my very first airbrushing class at Ruby Makeup Academy two weekends ago. It was only a two day class the was instructed by a famous makeup artist Levi Vieira. Which by the way was a amazing teacher not only did he make the class fun listening to Madonna and Lady Gaga song but gave us amazing tips on doing makeup all around in different situations that can happen on and off the set. He had a amazing makeup kit ofcorse all packed nicely in his Zuca which I was also drooling over when I saw it. Enough on me drooling lets get down to what I learned =]

Levi taught every thing from different kinds of formulas of the foundation that we can use for certain occasions from covering a tattoo with our airbrush machine. Ruby Makeup Academy provided us with our very own Dinair airbrush compressor and a starter kit.

We started off the class by Levi showing us how to completely take apart our airbrushing gun and putting it back together again. (We did that about 5 times) then he taught us how to trouble shoot our gun if it wasn't spraying right and also how to clean our gun once we're done with it.  he went on to telling us the different formulas that Temptu has which are the following

S/B: Silicone Base
Aqua: Water Base
Dura: Durable

He recommended Silicone Base for every thing to glamour makeup to wedding makeup. He also took us threw the steps on applying foundation
1) Remove any oils from the skin
2) Spray a toner all over face
3) Moisturize the skin
4) Prime the face
5) Conceal and dark circles or blemishes with concealer
6) Always color match on jaw line
7) When using two different colors to get the right color make sure you back bubble to mix them in your gun
8) Start working in small circles to get the desired coverage you want on your or your clients face

He also taught us how to contour with our machine and how to apply eyeshadow even how to apply eyebrows with it. Which I thought was amazing and would come in handy when you have a client that has very little eyebrows or none at all.

Overall I thought that the class was a amazing way to be brought into the airbrushing scene since there is such a big calling for it now. Like I said before the instructor was amazing I learned so much from him and his work is amazing. Ive been practicing with my machine because I have my first wedding gig this Saturday I have to do the bride and four bridesmaids makeup. I'm so excited but so nervous at the same time =]

Here's my certificate I recieved in the mail a couple days ago =]