Thursday, January 27, 2011

MissChievous Myths and Ledgends Contest Entry

So I woke up on the day of the dead line to do this Dia De Los Muertos look for the contest and of corse I could have done it sooner and not the day of but it wouldnt have been me. So I wake up have my usual cup of coffee and go upstairs to my little make up station and start working away I have my two sisters helping me on mkaing the video with sound and all that good stuff and everything is going just peachy. I start thinking to myself I have all the time in the world its early I have until 12am to get in in pfff a piece of cake right NOT!!! I had read the rules thousands of time and for some reason I didnt seer that it was 12am MissChievous time which was 4pm MIssyDoll time ...I WANTED TO DIE!!!.. at this point I wanted to give up and just let it go but my sistes wouldnt let me so I picked up where I had left off and I ended up with this look for

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